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About Our Clinic

Male Enhancement Clinic Bangkok is the name we use to promote our Clinic for men in Bangkok online. The Clinic’s company name is He Clinic and our slogan is Enhancing Life. See our company website here, www.heclinics.com.  

For search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo the name He Clinic is confusing and they would rank us lower and it would be harder for you to find us on the internet.  

To get around this, we have created this second website which makes it easier for search engines to index our website and thus easier for people like yourself to find us.  

Nothing mysterious, He Clinic and Male Enhancement Clinic Bangkok are all the same. Same address, same location, same wonderful staff and the same services.  

For more information you can visit either site, www.heclinics.com or www.male-enhancement-clinic-bangkok.com. 

Photo gallery of our clinic in Thong Lor Bangkok

Male Enhancement Clinic Bangkok


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