What is Anti-Aging?Male Enhancement Clinic Bangkok Anti-Aging

At the present time we can’t stop the aging process however we know, from years of research, that we can slow it down.

We can slow it down by taking care of ourselves on the inside and the outside. Our skin, which is the largest organ of our body has a lot to endure during its life time and we see this by aging of the skin.

We know for instance that a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet helps all our organs perform as best as possible. Many times supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals gives the body’s natural immune system a little boost during harsh (winter) times. Drinking enough water to cleanse your body of toxins during the day is also very important.

There are numerous health tips for anti-aging around the web but sometimes these are not sufficient anymore or you just want a little extra. In those cases we have different anti-aging options at our clinic especially for you.


Anti-Aging options at our clinic:

Botulinum  (Botox)          350 THB per unit

Mesotherapy Filler          3,500 THB per unit (10 units for 30,000 THB)

Facial filler  (Hyaluronic acid)          15,000 THB per cc

Myers Vitamin/Mineral booster IV drip          3,500 THB per unit (10 units for 30,000 THB)


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