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Prepare yourself for a really rewarding, no pressure, super professional experience.
The clinic setting is a convenient 5-minute stroll from BTS. The reception is modern and comfortable, like the rest of the clinic. The environment is very clean and spacious. It’s quite relaxing. The personnel are very approachable.
They do not ask any invasive questions and are very good listeners. Since their style is so accommodating, there is no sense of pressure or urgency. They are on time, yet they schedule enough time that there’s no rush. The procedure room itself is super clean and modern. Having educated myself somewhat on the enhancement techniques and products, I was impressed to see that they only use the highest grades on the market. The procedure itself was clean quick and painless.
Their confidence and competence gave me a very relaxed feel. Their attention they detail, cleanliness and organization gave me the impression that they take great pride in their profession. After the enhancement procedure, I felt so comfortable that I enquired about their other services. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to do a Botox tune up as well as fill a scar depression on my cheek that I acquired years ago. All of this was quick and painless.
When after leaving the treatment room, again there was no sense of urgency. They welcomed me to relax, gave me something to drink and made themselves available to chat at my leisure. The results were amazing. I left the clinic feeling great, looking 10 years younger and twice as confident in my nether region.
Which I might mention, I got rave reviews about my performance, stamina, and girth. My only complaint was finding a condom that was fat enough to put on without a struggle. (Now I keep “Magnums” on hand). Overall HE was a great experience that left me feeling awesome. Also, it was half the price of the supposedly “best of the Best” clinic I had inspected previously, which ran like a high-pressure assembly line and nobody could remember or even pronounce my name.
I would highly recommend HE for any of the services he that I received as I will return if I ever need a tune-up. Sincerely, Channarong