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Penis Enlargement

improve confidence and performance with penile enhancement

Facts about Penis Enlargement

  • Excellent safety record.
  • No cutting or bleeding.
  • Local, not general, anesthesia.
  • Short treatment time (within 60 minutes).
  • No scarring (as opposed to open surgery).
  • Long-lasting and substantial size gains.


Now you don’t have to walk through life anymore embarrassed about the size of your penis. With our proven penis enlargement technique we can add inches in girth and length. Penoplasty or sometimes called Penis enlargement or Penis augmentation is a quick, simple and very effective method for adding girth and length to your existing penis.


Frequently Asked Questions


Did you know that you can now increase your penis size by 30% or more within 60 minutes?

…Non-invasive procedure
…Proven to be 100% safe & effective
…Confidentiality guaranteed.

A revolutionary method developed in Paris France that can increase your penis girth by 2.5 cm or more and can increase length 2 cm or more when flaccid is now available at our clinic in Bangkok.

✓ Gain more stimulation during intercourse.
✓ Satisfy your partner.
✓ Can help reduce premature ejaculation.
✓ Dramatically boost your sex life.


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