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Myers IV booster with high vitamin C

March 14, 2020

Take action to boost your immune system from the Corona Virus with our new HE Immuno Booster VI…

Treat hair loss effectively with FUE

March 13, 2020

Reduce hair loss and regrow your hair With our natural FUE Hair Transplant   Are you worri…

Non-invasive fat removal coolsculpting

March 13, 2020

Non-invasive fat removal Fat accumulates on certain areas of the body and can be very difficult…

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Patient testimonial

I am still very satisfied with the results  “As you all know I had a small operation 2 months back. Now 2 months later, I am still very satisfied with the results and I can say that YOU should …

Patient testimonial

Prepare yourself for a really rewarding, no pressure, super professional experience. The clinic setting is a convenient 5-minute stroll from BTS. The reception is modern and comfortable, like the rest…

Patient testimonial

One word: satisfaction One sentence; you’re in good hands One statement; life changing  Taking a shower in the open shower in the men’s room might have been a problem before, but now that…

Patient testimonial

WOW, what a difference my sex life is now “I have always been OK in the length department. My friend told me about the He Clinic procedure. He explained to me that that length is not what women …

Dae Suk
Patient testimonial

Thank you again Doctor for your listening and your professionalism!! Truly!” “It was all very patient, very competent, accommodating and very friendly. I went for a hyaluronic acid filler …

Mister Big
Patient testimonial

Even better than I could have believed. Following a complex that I have always had, one of my friends told me about Dr. Chayut, because he himself was one of his patients. I went to see him to have an…