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fat freezing non invasive fat removal

Non-invasive fat removal coolsculpting

March 13, 2020

Non-invasive fat removal Fat accumulates on certain areas of the body and can be very difficult to remove, even ...

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vaccinations male enhancement clinic bangkok


January 3, 2018

What vaccinations do we have at our clinic? Whether you are an Expat living in Thailand or a tourist ...

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increase energy and performance with t shot

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

January 2, 2018

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy? Some signs of LOW testosterone are: Loss of enthusiasm Weight gain around the middle Depressed mood Lack ...

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shockwave therapy for ED

Erectile Dysfunction

December 20, 2016

 Linear Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction   What is Erectile Dysfunction?  Erectile Dysfunction (ED), sometimes called impotence, ...

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improve confidence and performance with penile enhancement

Penis Enlargement

December 20, 2016

Facts about Penis Enlargement Excellent safety record. No cutting or bleeding. Local, not general, anesthesia. Short treatment time (within ...

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life coaching male enhancement clinic bangkok thailand

Life Coaching

December 20, 2016

Why Life coaching? Many people don’t like to admit they are struggling in certain parts of their life but ...

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NAD+ to stop and reverse aging


December 20, 2016

Nad+ Anti-ageing Treatment in Bangkok History of NAD+ NAD+ was first identified by Sir Arthur Harden and William John ...

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